Shraddha is a creative yoga studio that holds the intention for individuals to come as they are to explore their body,
mind and spirit.

A Creative Yoga Center in the Heart of Tel Aviv

Shraddha is a studio that was founded on the core principles of Yoga, Community and Creativity. It is our belief that Yoga heals, Community supports, and Creativity liberates. Everything we offer here (classes, workshops, events, etc.) always go back to these core values. The classes taught here are rooted in Eastern philosophies, traditional and creative practices. They aim to encourage students to connect authentically with themselves through the many dimensions that make us human: the body, mind & spirit. We value the body-mind connection our classes provide and believe that the benefits transcend into other aspects of our life.

Our Classes

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Everyday our body needs to be nourished in different ways. Check out our schedule to see how you want to flow through your week.

Workshops & Events

Discover our ever-changing workshops and take part in our inspiring events to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level.

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